We believe that the best illustration would be in the form of a creative icon with a strong rational and essence. 
Why an icon? 
- Compact in nature and can be plugged anywhere to save space.
- Fast to recognize at a glance.
- No need to translate – Internationally recognizable.
- Visually pleasing and enhance the esthetic appeal of the design.
Our icon should carry the core essence of our strategic initiative and be a platform for all aspects of cultural and heritage. 
This is NOT a logo - it is an endorsement of CDHFC
The thinking here is to take: Past – Present – Future and directly links to the quote by the late sheikh Zayed mentioned previously
“A nation without a past has no present and no future”
We need to associate an emotional aspect to this premise, and what we have are three core words that generate this.
Respect (of the past) Pride (in the present) and Unity (for the future) 
Takes the form of a 'speach bubble' to convey the purpose of the initiative, and promote the idea of a community 'voice' 
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